Numerowanie zadań wydruku cups-pdf

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Numerowanie zadań wydruku cups-pdf

Post autor: TG-S » 15 maja 2019, 10:21


Wydruki do pdf (cups-pdf) są numerowane np. "job_1.pdf, job_2.pdf ....... job_12345.pdf". Jak i gdzie można zmienić ustawienia żeby numerowanie znów zaczynało się od "job_1.pdf"
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Re: Numerowanie zadań wydruku cups-pdf

Post autor: arecki » 15 maja 2019, 11:38
3. advanced configuration and multiple instances

CUPS-PDF now has a PPD file (CUPS-PDF_opt.ppd) that allows setting the following
options in the CUPS webinterface (administration/set default options):
- resolution
- page size
- PDF version
- truncate output file names
- labelling (with jobid) of output files
- title source preference
- log level
Please note that setting these options in the cups-pdf.conf will have no
effect if you use the included PPD file as the settings from the PPD-file
will override the settings in the config file.

Additionally users can set some of the options using lpoptions (see man lpoptions):
- PDFVer
- PostProcessing
- Cut
- Truncate
- TitelPref
- UserMask
See the configfile for an overview of the options and their meanings.
These options are deemed not to create security risks.
If you insist on allowing users to set other options as well (creating security risks,
you have been warned!), set AllowUnsafeOptions in the config file
(/etc/cups/cups-pdf.conf) to 1.

To create multiple instances of the backend with different configurations, simply
copy several config files in your config directory, naming them
cups-pdf-<NAME>.conf, where <NAME> is a unique identifier for this instance.
You can then select the new instances as URI when creating a new printer in CUPS.

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